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We have built a 32,000 square foot modern plant with exceptional technology and a unique work flow design that allows for enhanced food safety and unique product offerings. As Manitoba's only federally-certified processing plant for cattle, we are the only option available for supplying your customers with federally-inspected Manitoba beef.


This is Manitoba Beef

Technology & Process

When you combine industry-leading software with a processing method that cannot be matched by larger volume processors, you get food security and traceability that is unmatched.

Animals entering our facility are assigned a unique ID in our Carlisle system that links them back to their producer. That ID remains with the carcass and is tracked from the cooler onto the processing floor. It is at the processing floor where we differentiate ourselves; unlike traditional plants that employ an assembly line process for the cutting of the carcass, resulting in mingling cuts between different animals of the same species, our carcasses are cut in a pod system, whereby a team of our skilled staff work on one animal at a time on a table. The result is that we are able to maintain the unique animal ID with each specific cut. This detailed traceability offers food safety unlike any other in our industry. Call us to find out more.


Operating under federal license number 763, we are the only ruminant animal processing facility in Manitoba that is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

We are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to export meat products to the United States.

We are a Certified Organic processing facility.

We are also actively pursuing or exploring certification for the Chinese and European markets as well as religious slaughter certifications. We presently have locally-recognized halal capabilities. Please contact us for further details on our certification.


Certified to ship across Canada and the US


Certified to ship across Canada and the US


Certified to ship across Canada and the US



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